1. Adrien’s life-long goal has been to go into revenue property owning/real estate investment which is also one of the reasons why he got his degree in Construction Management and my favourite channel on TV is HGTV and I watch a lot of house flipping shows and Income Property so we are totally compatible and ready-made business partners ofc B)


  2. Adrien had me looking up duplexes/triplexes for sale around the Plateau-Mont Royal area and it got my head spinning. I actually got a headache. Dude was crunching numbers behind me like crazy.

  3. Hey guys I am in a good mood.

  5. Me: I have to post 6 selfies of myself.
    Adrien: Why? 
    Me: Because I was tagged on Tumblr.
    Adrien: That doesn’t mean you are obligated to.
    Me: Yeah, but if someone tagged me to go jump off a bridge I’d do that too. I can’t let down my Tumblr friends.

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  8. This was me this morning when Adrien told me he doesn’t like wing eyed liner.

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  9. Is jid-dheer SERIOUS right now like how are you going to tag me then not even give me the time to VIEW your magnificience like deleting shit in a blink of an eye my god what kind of xaasidnimo

    huldraes you look so divine! ty for these blessings i am going to try to make a set worthy of you tagging me as well!


  10. i don’t get how yt ppl can prefer to snack on radishes than mangoes


  11. OK, that’s it. There is a lacrosse challenge on this episode of BBCAN2. It is officially my favourite BB ever.


  12. I started watching BBCAN2 and now I don’t even watch BBUS16 bc 1. I am not a livefeeder this season ;_; and 2. BBCAN2 is SO much better and probably the best season of BB anywhere I have seen the past few years (that’s between BBUK, BBUS, and the re-vamped BBAU).

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  13. Anonymous said: Your skin is beautiful. What do you use ?

    That is so kind but I honestly don’t do anything to my skin. Which is awful. I don’t even remove my makeup sometimes :/ 

    I have always had pretty clear skin but I have hyperpigmentation around my mouth area and where my glasses used to sit on my nose (you can probably see that in some pics). I had some weird bumpiness happen in Belgium but since moving back to Canada that has totally cleared up for some reason even though I didn’t really do anything. I have posted on here before that I would like to start a proper skin routine. The only thing I occasionally use is some anti-aging stuff from Neutrogena and Olay (which I don’t really have an opinion on bc I have never used them long enough to see results) since my biggest concern/problem is with wrinkles.


  14. My Dad just told me that my little sister just left for Berlin recently to do her six weeks abroad for university (she is studying German and Linguistics). She is so cute and brainy.

  15. With Adrien ):
    Without Adrien (: